The Pirainos



Is it normal to be jealous of a 2 year old’s hair?  Because I was.

This beautiful little lady and her parents joined me in Washington Park last Sunday for a session.  Gorgeous, gorgeous happy family!  Giovanna was a happy, energetic little girl who really liked the camera (not the usual case with a 2 year old!).


My weekend

I spent this weekend in Chicago (yay!) at a workshop of one of my favorite, favorite portrait photographers.  Audrey Woulard.  If you don’t know her work, here it is….  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Not only are Audrey’s portraits technically perfect, she is an extremely astute businesswoman and has a business model every portrait photographer admires.

The focus of the workshop was utilizing natural light.  I always use natural light, but it never hurts to learn more, right??  And shooting in Chicago is always fun!  Love the urban feel….

An urban family shoot

I’m a little behind on editing and blogging, but I was thrilled to fit this family in!  Heather and I were roommates in our former (much younger) lives.  Now we’re both boring married ladies with kids–and she has three!  She’s braver than I am.  Anyway, I was so happy they chose an urban location.  We took in Larimer Square and the Denver Art Museum sites.